Worlds: A Global Esports Phenomenon

The League of Legends World Championship, commonly referred to as Worlds, is the pinnacle of competitive play in the popular online game League of Legends (LoL). Since its inception in 2011, Worlds has grown into one of the most significant and widely viewed esports tournaments globally.

Annual Grand Event

The League of Legends World Championship is held annually, typically in October or November. It brings together the best teams from various regional leagues to compete for the prestigious title of world champion. The tournament format includes play-ins, group stages, and knockout stages, culminating in the grand finals.

Attending a World Championship event in person is a thrilling experience. Venues are transformed into esports arenas, complete with massive screens, state-of-the-art sound systems, and immersive lighting setups. Fans from around the world gather, creating a vibrant atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation. Merchandise stands, interactive booths, and fan meet-and-greet sessions add to the overall experience.

While thousands of fans attend in person, millions more watch online. The 2019 finals, for example, drew over 100 million viewers globally, with peak concurrent viewership reaching 44 million.

Recent Champions

In the past five years, the League of Legends World Championship has seen thrilling competitions and deserving winners. Here’s a look at the recent champions, the prize pools they won, and the venues where the finals were held:

2019: FunPlus Phoenix

  • Prize Pool: $2.225 million
  • Venue: Paris, France

2020: DAMWON Gaming

  • Prize Pool: $2.340 million
  • Venue: Shanghai, China

2021: EDward Gaming

  • Prize Pool: $2.225 million
  • Venue: Reykjavík, Iceland

2022: DRX

  • Prize Pool: $2.225 million
  • Venue: San Francisco, USA

2023: T1

  • Prize Pool: $2.23 million
  • Venue: Seoul and Busan, South Korea

As you can see, these championships have become truly international events with a high level of organization and large cash prizes.

Join the Spectacle

The League of Legends World Championship is a celebration of esports culture and community. Along with the gaming, there are comic-con events, fairs, autograph sessions, concerts, and more! If you happen to be in the neighborhood, be sure to attend this international event.

If, for some reason, you can’t attend the world championship, then watch it online. High quality streams are available all over the world and gather a huge army of fans in front of their monitors every year. Witness the battle of the best teams for glory and immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world!