LoL Players’ Slang: A Guide to the Language of the Rift

League of Legends (LoL) players have developed a unique slang that encapsulates the fast-paced, strategic nature of the game. Understanding this terminology is essential for anyone looking to dive deeper into the world of LoL. Here’s a guide to some of the most common terms you’ll encounter on the Rift.

Basic Terms

ADC (Attack Damage Carry):

Refers to a champion that deals high physical damage and is usually positioned in the bot lane. ADCs are crucial for late-game damage.

AP (Ability Power):

Refers to magic damage. Champions that build AP typically deal damage through abilities rather than basic attacks.

GG (Good Game):

A term used at the end of a match to show sportsmanship, indicating that the game was enjoyable.

GGWP (Good Game, Well Played):

Similar to GG, but adds an extra layer of respect by acknowledging the opponent’s skill.

Strategy and Tactics

  • Gank: A coordinated attack on an enemy champion by one or more allies, usually initiated by the jungler.
  • Split Push: A strategy where a champion pushes a lane alone to draw enemy attention and create opportunities for their team.
  • Jungler: A champion that roams the jungle, killing neutral monsters and ganking lanes to help teammates.
  • Top Laner: The champion who plays in the top lane, often a tank or bruiser who can sustain damage and control the lane.


  1. CS (Creep Score): The number of minions a player has killed, a key metric for measuring farm and gold income.
  2. KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists): A statistic showing a player’s kill, death, and assist count, used to gauge performance.

Speak One Language with the Legends

Mastering LoL lingo is essential for effective communication and strategic planning in the game. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, understanding these terms will enhance your gaming experience and help you navigate Rift more effectively. So the next time you dive into the game, you’ll have the jargon to coordinate with your team and outsmart your opponents. GGWP!