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LVP · Summer 2023


LEC · Summer 2023


LFL · Summer 2023


The SuperFantasy is back!

Build your dream team with players

Compete against players from all over the world and prove that you are the top analyst. Create your dream team with the cards you collect, equip them with items and events to enhance their results and conquer the world ranking!

Compete and win

Prizes per gameday, playoffs and season

Make a place for yourself at the top of the leaderboard at the end of each gameday in the General League and Club Leagues, and stay on top to conquer the season leaderboard.


Buy, collect and upgrade cards from your favorite League of Legends players. Create and earn new cards with card packs and daily rewards!


Participate in the General Lobby, the official Club lobbies or your own private lobby with friends to demonstrate your knowledge and analytical skills. Test your knowledge of League of Legends and measure yourself against the best!


Equip your players with items for better results! SuperFantasy has an additional game level with items and events, special cards that will get extra points from each play. Choose wisely!

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All the information at your fingertips: access a detailed database of statistics and results of the season, scores of the different cards, so that you are well informed before creating your roster.

Compete against fans from all over the world in the SuperFantasy.

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